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Blessing of the Diaries, Riko's Run and New Year News

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Dear [First Name]

Just a reminder of some of the things coming up at St Mary's as we enter the new year.

RIKO'S RUN - Today marks the end of Riko Kumagai's great running quest to run 3000 km in 2015 for the Music Endowment Fund. Riko crossed the finish line just after noon today to be met by members of the congregation congratulating her on having run the equivalent of more than 70 marathons in the course of the year. There will be an opportunity to celebrate this achievement in the new year during a Sunday morning service.

NEW YEAR On New Year's Day itself we have morning prayer as usual at 9.30 am and a special service at 12.30 pm which includes the Blessing of the Diaries - a time to think of consecrating the year ahead. Please bring diaries, journals, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, backs of envelopes etc for the blessing.

EPIPHANY There's also a special service next Wednesday evening for the Feast of the Epiphany - gorgeous choral music is a characteristic of this service.

ROUGH GUIDE Looking into the new year, there's the Rough Guide to St Mary's on 16 January 2016. This will run all on one day this time and is an ideal thing for anyone finding a way into the congregation. It will consist of three session - "Everything you wanted to know about St Mary's but were afraid to ask" with Cedric Blakey the Vice Provost, a behind the scenes tour and an Any Questions session with me. Booking is via the website or by contacting the cathedral office office@thecathedral.org.uk or 0141 339 6691.

COFFEE MORNING FOR CATHOLICS… Many people come to St Mary’s who have roots in the Roman Catholic church. Some think of themselves as having converted to being Anglican/Episcopalian. Others still think of themselves as Roman Catholics who happen to worship here for one reason or another. I'm inviting those who have such roots to join me for coffee and conversation on Saturday 9 January 2015 at 10.30 am in the Synod Hall.

COFFEE MORNING FOR EVANGELICALS… Many people come to St Mary’s who have roots in evangelical churches. Some think of themselves as having become liberal Christians. Others think of themselves as being at a different point on a journey. I'm inviting those those who have evangelical roots to join me for coffee and conversation on Saturday 23 January 2015 at 10.30 am in the Synod Hall. (NB - I grew up in the Salvation Army so I'm one of those to whom this particularly applies).

FORUM CONVERSATION WITH ARCHITECT… There is currently a scoping project being undertaken to look at how the cathedral building might be improved both for worship and for the many events that take place here. There is an open opportunity for anyone connected with St Mary's to engage directly with Richard Murphy the architect on Sunday 10 January 2016 at 1215 after the Sung Eucharist. No need to sign up for this one, just turn up.

However you are spending the new year, I wish you well for 2016.

All good wishes



Provost and Rector



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