Wheelchair Access

The nave of the church has relatively easy wheelchair access. There are no steps into the church though the main door has a small lip of about an inch. Stewards are on duty at all Sunday services and at diocesan services near the door to help open doors for those arriving and leaving the building. Help can be requested with managing these doors for midweek services by contacting the Cathedral Office in advance.

Most of the seating is in pews which are on a raised, fixed base. Wheelchair users have several choices as to which part of the church to be in for services. There is a lot of space at the back of the church and there are two spaces at the front of the church which allow a non-wheelchair user and a wheelchair user to sit side by side.

Some midweek services and the 8.30 Sunday Services take place in the chacel. Most of the seating here is in the old choir stalls and the canon’s stalls. Wheel chair access is by means of a removeable ramp which stewards and clergy are happy to help with. The ramp is located behind the piano when not in use.

The ramp also can be used to give access to the platform at the crossing on which which the nave altar sits, thus ensuring that this altar is accessible to a celebrant in a wheel chair.

Spaces in the car park can be used by Blue Badge holders visiting St Mary’s – please ensure that the badge is visible to avoid getting a parking ticket.

The most accessible toilet is located on the same level at the church and is found through the side door nearest to the pulpit.

The Synod Hall can be accessed down a slope from the outside of the church – the most accessible way in is the door furthest from the main gate on Great Western Road. There are toilets with flat access on the same level as the synod hall though they are not large enough to turn a wheel chair in.

Print Material

Orders of service are normally available in A5 and in a larger format A4 format. It is usually possible for the office manager to send a copy of the service in advance by email, for anyone for whom this might be helpful, for example, anyone wanting it convert it into braille.

Ultra large-print hymn texts are available by prior request to the Cathedral Office.

The service sheets at St Mary’s carry more information than those in many churches and the congregation is invited to take them away each week both to use the prayers in their devotions and also to read the notices which are printed therein.

Audio and Loop System

There is an audio Loop System fitted in the church but there is no loop currently fitted in the Synod Hall.

An audio relay of the services is carried in the Synod Hall and in the Meeting Room (close to the Synod Hall toilets).