Baptisms at St Mary’s take place either in the 1030 Sung Eucharist or at other times by arrangment with members of the clergy.

The liturgy that is used is derived from the latest Baptism Liturgy which can be found on the Scottish Episcopal Church’s website.

In accordance with the Canon Law of the Scottish Episcopal Church, those who have been baptised are welcome to receive the bread and wine at communion.

The following video shows what baptism at St Mary’s is like.

Baptism is offered on particular Sundays during the year – the date of the next available Sunday for baptism can be obtained from the cathedral office.

To make an enquiry about a baptism, please use the form below.

If it is a child being baptised then the normal number of godparents is two godfathers and a godmother for a boy and two godmothers and a godfather for a girl. However this is a tradition and not a strict rule. The best people to choose as godparents are people who will be supportive to the child, who are likely to be involved in the child’s life for a long time and who can help to keep contact between the life of the child and the life of the church.

We regularly baptise adults at St Mary’s, most commonly at the Easter Vigil, early on Easter Day. Usually for an adult, those supporting the person being baptised are called sponsors rather than godparents.

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