Wedding Fees

The following fees are charged for marriages and services of blessing for civil partnership.

Use of the Cathedral – £356

Celebrant – £192

Organist – £110

Choir – £351

Bells – £197

Fees are reviewed annually in January based on the Retail Price Index for the preceding December. Couples pay the current fee at the date of their wedding.

It is often preferable for the couple to make their own arrangements for flowers, in which case there is no charge for flowers. It is possible for those who organise the flowers in St Mary’s to arrange for flowers for weddings. The suggested fee for this is £110 but will depend on how many flowers are requested.

Video recording is only allowed by prior arrangement and fees are doubled for the minister, the organist and the choir.

No charge is made for the building for simple weddings taking place in St Anne’s Chapel.

In cases where either of the parties to the marriage or civil partnership are on benefits and choose not to have the choir and bell-ringers, the charges for the cathedral and the celebrant are waived.