Online Evening Prayer

St Mary’s hosts online Evening Prayer in cyberspace in a Google+ Hangout.

One limitation of the Google+ handouts is the number of people who can join in, which is currently limited to 10 people. It is believed that Google will soon enable people subsequent to the first 10 in the system to watch but not participate. It may be that if more than 10 people want to join in we need to split into two groups. The leader will start the hangout. Don’t start a hangout if you are not the leader.

One of the things which causes some difficulty is the slight time lag between the different people speaking. This makes reciting something together a bit of a challenge and the delays would make singing something together impossible.

The service this evening will be led by 2 people – the leader and responder. These two people will keep their microphones on throughout. Everyone else is asked to click the mute button in their Google Hangout window for the first part of the service. Please unmute your microphone so that we can say the Magnificat and the Lord’s Prayer together and so that you can contribute an intercession if you want to do so. Please join in aloud with all the prayers in bold, saying them with the responder.

Please do not try to start your own hangout. If you click on the button “Start a hangout” you will not be able to join in with this service. You are looking for a hangout that has been started already and which you join in with.

The number of people attending will be recorded in the service book at St Mary’s.

The service will begin at 1700 GMT. The hangout will be open from 1630.

To participate, you need to log in to google+ then go to the following page and put it in one of your circles.

The last service of online evening prayer before this year’s summer break will be on 7 June 2014 at 5 pm.
The liturgy is available here:
20140607 Eve of Pentecost – New Life – The Spirit Evening Saturday for internet

If you want to leave feedback about online evening prayer please use this form. It is useful to hear from people who have tried to get into the google hangout but didn’t manage it – particularly if you have some idea why it didn’t work.